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StagePR0 15M

The Modern Loudspeaker for Demanding Applications

Our mission at Beat Up! was to deliver a world-class sound reinforcement solution for performers everywhere. To accomplish this, we recruited top engineers and designers from the best brands in the industry and worked with them to create the best possible product. We are proud to bring you our latest project, the STAGEPRO-15M.

The StagePRO15M


We know that your reputation and time is valuable. That's why we've developed the STAGEPRO15M Powered Speaker.
If you need to cover the largest number of people with the least equipment, our speakers are the perfect solution. They deliver crisp, clear sound with maximum impact, ensuring that every event is a success.


All the elements of the STAGEPRO15M combine to produce true realistic
full range sound for the ideal performance.
Our groundbreaking trapezoidal cabinet and HF Horn geometry directs the full range of sound evenly throughout the audience.  
Your music will come alive with energy, emotion and feel the moment you turn the volume up.
Everyone in your audience will remember what they felt for a long time.


3000 Watts Of 
Precise Power 

2 powerful built-in amplifiers controlled by an intelligent DSP, feeds a MASSIVE 3" voice coil 15" Woofer and a HUGE 2" titanium compression driver independently.
This setup ensures that sound is clean, clear and impactful even at very HIGH SPL
Always ready to rock the venue with plenty of power on tap. 

Master Control

An integrated 2-channel mixer accepts your Line-Level signals from external mixing consoles or DJ controllers. Or connect instruments and microphones directly.
And yes, we also included True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 Technology for the ultimate music streaming experience. 

Wedge Monitor Position
15M stand8degrees_edited.png
15M stand 0degrees_edited.png
8 degree tilt
0 degree

Well Versatile

Deploy on tripod stands for WIDE audience coverage with its integrated 2-position pole receptacles.
Aim at the Artist in its floor mount position for effective live sound monitoring.
Everything sounds so REAL through these speakers. After using many top brand speakers over the years, never has my PA sounded this good! I have used them at indoor and outdoor events and every time its a jaw-dropping performance for me and my audience.

Sound Engineer
Vocals come through powerful
instruments sound
soo sweet and when the kick drum hit, look out, you feel it in your chest.
The STAGEPRO15Ms has transformed the band in our church to a factory of positive vibrations.
R. Collins
Band Leader
Oh boy, these things really bring the VIBES. 2 STAGEPRO15Ms setup on tripods connected directly to my Pioneer DJ controller, my crowds love it. Loud, Full and Clean no matter the volume, the quality is always on point.
People cannot believe when I show them no Sub is connected. 
Mobile DJ

The Specs

Frequency Response
45Hz - 20kHz (-3dB)
3000W (peak), 1500 (rms)
Maximum SPL
Class-D Bi-amp with DSP processor
LF Transducer
15" with 3" VC, 80oz Ferrite Magnet
HF Transducer
2" Titanium diaphragm
Input Connections
(2) XLR/TRS Combo Jacks with switchable Line/Mic levels
Output Connections
(1) XLR Link Output
Net Weight
710mm x435mm x410mm
Stereo Bluetooth with Link
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