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Nylon String Guitars

with Bonus Accessory Pack

The Ultimate Student Guitar.

I was IMPRESSED when I saw one being played by a student in my class. The sound and feel of this guitar is AMAZING especially for the price! I've been advising all my students to get one. 

D. Henley
Music Tutor

The Objective

Introducing the C-Series, our premier collection of student guitars. Created to inspire greatness, learning, and joy, these guitars have been designed with the help of music tutors and industry professionals to ensure the best possible learning experience for students. With outstanding sound and playability, the C-Series is the perfect choice for any student looking to learn and grow as a musician.

The Design

We understand that learning to play the guitar can be a challenge, and that's why we designed the C-Series to be the ideal student guitar. Its comfortable neck, polished frets, and smooth fingerboard make playing more enjoyable than ever before. With perfect intonation and setup, you'll be able to improve your playing skills quickly and easily. 

The Craftsmanship

Our C-series student guitars are unparalleled in attention to detail. We strive to create instruments that are both beautiful and easy to play, and these guitars are no exception. With stunning, mirror-like finishes and high-quality materials, you won't find a better choice for the budding musician.

The Sizes and Colors

Find the perfect guitar for any size player with our C-series student guitars. From full size to 1/4 size, we offer a range of sizes to accommodate everyone. Our guitars come in a wide variety of colors, so you can find one that fits your personality. 

Full size
3/4 size
1/2 size
1/4 size

The Included Accessories

We include everything you need to start your guitar playing journey with the bonus accessory pack. This pack includes all the essential accessories, such as a digital tuner to keep your guitar in tune, a strap for comfortable playing, a gig bag for easy transport, and picks for strumming or plucking. 

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